Wednesday, May 28, 2008

They who desire naught will always be free.

Knowing When not to.
Action is important but so is inaction, in other words, knowing when not to.

Think about the times where you were glad or relieved that you had chosen not to act.

What is it that guides us to know, when not to? Is it fate or a universal force that chooses to protect us from harm? Is it just experience and wisdom that we have gained over years of learning and from making mistakes?

But most of us are so caught up in action and ‘doing’ that giving a considered or appropriate response is not something we do naturally or easily. As a consequence, getting it right may not always come naturally.

Do we throw out our common sense when our ‘buttons’ get pushed?
How can we change our patterns so that we can get it right more often?

Maybe the secret of a hassle-free life is having the wisdom of knowing when not to: say something; dig your heels in; hold your ground; or make an important decision!

All the above... Inner Space

I am reading another Paulo Coelho
Witch of Portobello
Its really different but as always
I am inspired

First Chapter
More Witch stuff
Wikipedia on the Witch
And Amazon

2 more sleeps an then I am off

I feel ok you know...

re work
Like i said yesterday
Restraint of Tongue and Pen
and do the next right thing
and no worrying
Its not sorted but we are going through
a process, so I must trust the process
patience is learned in waiting
and continuing on with the next right thing
Letting go
seems to be something to
relearn everytime
no thing seems to be the same as
the last time I let go
every case is different
feeling remarkably calm
serene even!!?
bizarre really
can this praying thing really work?
you already know I know it does...


Syd said...

I know what you mean about having buttons pushed. Some days it just happens and others I could care less. I'm much better about it since being in the program. I am much more accepting that others have a right to their opinion.

Shadow said...

my dad used to say: not saying something says something too.