Monday, May 26, 2008

Intolerence - my opinion

I am becoming very intolerent
towards alcohol
Thankfully, yes thankfully
the resentment is towards alcohol
and not the people who drink it

I am REALLY seeing
exactly how destructive
this thing is
how it touches and affects
not only the drinker and the family
also the neighbours

My father has a neighbour
who arrived home at 1am
banging doors
shouting with his mates
the strangest noises
on the phone out in the garden
loud music
which carried on through until
this is not just alcohol
the police have no control
its a council issue
there is an after 11pm by-law
he knows the police cant do anything
they went round at 1am and asked him to turn it down
their description of him was
a zombie, talking to someone who was not all there
no point in even attempting
he just knows the police have no control
when they talk to him sober
he apologises and understands
he is rational!
and then forgets
seems his hearing and all sense
of social skills
My dad and his fiance
are becoming ill with this
its starting to eat them up
I can see it
can they move house?
not sure if they will get a buyer
as his behaviour is very unpredictable

As a nation
If we effected a complete abstainence policy
for alcohol
other issues would become apparant
we would realise that as a nation
we have many other problems aside from alcohol
no longer would we be able to have news issues
where would our problem then centre?
in our mind?
in our attitudes?
the heart of the nation?
is the head of our nation really a reliable source?
as a nation we need to take action
more action!

Once again
I want to 12 step the UK
not singlehandedly of course
and once again
I see when we have been through the 12 steps
and practice 10, 11, 12 in all our affairs
these principles filter out into the nation
our 12th step is so important

Our name is Britain and we are alcoholic
we havent yet admitted we are powerless
and our life has become unmanageable
we have tried everything
and we still cant sort this issue
infact its getting worse
we are in the grip of a killer illness

Are we willing to go to any lengths?
Do we try anything, do we really? really?
Do we really accept our shortcomings
and humbly ask a power greater to help?
Do we sing off the same hymn sheet?
Do we really want to solve anything?
or have we become so completely sick
that the unacceptable has now become acceptable
untreated alcoholism?
are we spiritially sick?
as a nation are we a victim
I have an opinion
but its NOT a dig
at any political party
or person
its just an opinion
and observation today

Whats it like in other countries?
the problem is still there
the effects, health, crime are just two examples
but do they have more of a success rate?
do the police and authorities join forces?
I have no idea

All I see is what I see hear
when they said
Keep coming back
more will be revealed
I had no idea what they meant!

I am finding a voice
RaRaRaaaaaaaaaaar :)
Resentments - can lead to solutions
if a process is followed through
not necessarily now!

Patience Johno
Keep coming back
keep talking
honour your truth
dont be scared
be considerate
this is Any Lengths

Recovery Archive found The Last Thing
have you had a look?

Heres another
Recovery is Sexy

And I may start reading this
Buddhism for Dummies!


Shadow said...

as always, alcohol is a symptom, not a cause...

Couture de Papier said...

Part of the process..I remember feeling this way too! Check out my new blog!

molly said...

i FOR SURE need the Buddhism for Dummies book!.. i just got "One Breath at a Time - Buddhism and the Twelve Steps" by Kevin Griffin. I am now OFFICIALLY on "book restriction" :) I am POWERLESS over books

anyhoo - i completely understand the neighbor thing and it being a National crisis. we have a lady across from us who is an alcoholic and she has alienated and/or infuriated all the neighbors.. "she's a drunk" they say. "don't talk to her whatever you do".. and they make fun of her stumbling down the street. The disease is COMPLETELY misunderstood. I do fear getting involved. Everyone is saying stay away from her b/c she'll come in your house unannounced.. she spies with binoculars and such. She called the animal police on an innocent cat. Only thing I know to do is invite her to a meeting if she happens to stop and talk to me. Very sad. I want to help but I believe she would refuse my help at this point :(

Bill said...

"Buddhism for Dummies." What a wonderful title! The Dharma is so simple, that only a dummy can really understand it. As in recovery, intellectualizing will only lead to dukka (and I don't mean the spice).