Monday, May 19, 2008

Gym and flunky shoulder

having not been down the gym since
I have followed GP's orders
no yoga
no Gym
rest the arm
but its just got worse
it affects my sleep
I cant use it
I dont want to live like this any more
pain and a disabled arm
well I may have to live with it
but I wont let up until I have
explored all there is...
I am 40 not 60!

GP this week has referred me to a physio
he said it could be rheumatic or a trapped nerve
the letter came within days!!
they can fit me in during or after my holiday
no they wouldnt tell me what I will have to do
"we'll tell you when we get here"
yeh I want to know now!
but i'll just have to wait

Gym tonight
personal trainer was great
checking out my arm movement
whats possible and what isnt AT THE MOMENT
and apparantly its fixable
I now have a new programme
with my flunky arm in mind

Also it seems that the arm difficulty
could be as the result of the suitcase
I took at Christmas to Africa
usually I take a backpack
this time I took a case...
the case is now ditched!
It kinda makes sense
and fits with the pain and stuff
anyway enough
I am off to watch Shrink Rap
and sleep

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