Friday, September 19, 2008

Obviously the gratitude wore thin quickly H.A.L.Tired

And yesterday
I was sick of my job
and wished I wasnt there

reality kicked in
and we started getting busy
personality clashes
everyone coming down
and adrenaline rushes
as the business came to a climax
fraught exchanges all over the place
keeep mouth shut as much as possible
no thing would be the right thing!!
I couldnt wait to get to bed HALTired
come down
from eveything
at work
house move in the back ground a few issues
enjoying a really funny evening meal & theatre tuesday
(late night)
done a chair out of town wednesday evening
(another late night)
I slept like a log last night
or like a baby
havent slept like that for a long while
woke up a completely different person!?
which was well needed
beauty sleep....

today (Fridays) a different day
still busy
better frame of mind

sense of humour
and nornal service is resuming!

Home group tonight
I have finished my post of GSR
and am now Share rep... kind of like
the flogger of England equivalent of Grapevine

have a great weekend
I am having a normal one!
Home removals coming round
to look at my stuff 8am in the morning!
rest of the weekend
is mine!

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AlkySeltzer said...

Fun to read the busy lives of others, and compare (cannot help it!) with my own. Meetings at 6 and 7AM, Music Rehearsal for mass 9/28/08 with bishop celebrating. Alanon meeting at noon (my SECOND ONE) Don't think I'm gonna continue, I do better helping and learning from alkies.

Blogging now. Meeting later at 5:30PM, practice, kiss Anna, go to bed at 10 or 11 or 12, last night it was 1AM--back up at 5AM...Not enough SLEEEEP! ZZZZzzzzzz......