Monday, September 01, 2008

Step 3 again...

someone moved the furniture
yet again at work
without my permission
in a roundabout way
I have got what I wanted...

yes we always get what we want
if we ask earnestly
although not always
wrapped in the paper of our choosing

Much step 3 to he done
much restraint of tongue and pen
much patience
much blind faith
much continuing Gods will

Thy will not mine be done!

Thank God for telephone phone service
and the 3 legacies
thats what I say!

and thank you Molly
for reminding me about the hurricane
its put my stuff in perspective!

My Prayers are out there
with the millions of others
for all affected by
and anyone in the storm path!


AlkySeltzer said...

Hey, Johmo, I came back. (I'm a musician, we say, "I came Bach."

Do you write poetry also, or song lyrics? Just curious.

I still find that, whoever you are, it's obvious you use our tools, our AA textbooks, and as guides for this New Way of Life we are learning to live. Yep, after a looong time, I'm still learning to live it and in many ways it becomes easier.

But when something 'old' is newly discovered, it is with great difficulty to become 'entirely' ready, let me tell you.

Tomorrow's blog entry is my example of how that worked with me
yesterday, if you'd care to's long, that's why I call it a "Blong".
Steve E.

molly said...

ah bless ya. it is looking (so far) that the levees in New Orleans are holding steady - YAY!

restraint of tongue an pen - that's a toughy for me.

'talk' to ya soon!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Hmm. yeh. plenty of that about.
changes underfoot at work that is.

all you can do is show up and keep working to improve upon your position in whatever way you can. the more options you have the better really.

PS why the word verification on comments? coz u moderate anyway.

AlkySeltzer said...

Restraint of tongue and pen? What the hell does that mean? -grin-

Syd said...

Step 3 is one that I visit over and over again. Have a good day Johno.