Monday, May 21, 2007

Easy does it -but do it NOT OVER DO IT!!

The truth was highlighted to me
by a complete stranger in a call centre
he asked me what I had planned for the rest of the day ?
I said I was staying in cos am knackered
I have been working full time
and out everynight for the last two weeks

Its true I have been working full time
and out every evening, doing AA and other stuff

lifes good, easy, THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM

The guy on the phone who sounded
about 10 years younger than me said
God, you have a better social life
than i do, even i dont go out that much

Have to find balance again
staying in and early nights
spending time with myself
are something I can do these days
So I must do it

Also I can say no to going out
something else will come along

Grateful that I finally seen the bleedin obvious
just for today

1 comment:

Syd said...

Taking it easy is also a good thing. I tend to run on empty when I go too much. It's a form of escapism for me so when I do it, I ask "What am I running from?"