Saturday, May 05, 2007

Faith Without Works is Dead P14,P76, P88

Another lesson

Went away two weeks
make amends
take a holiday

read 3 books
(this is huge progress, as could read a paragraph
a few years ago, without mind wandering)
lots of prayer
lots of meditation
developing that vital sixth sense P85
all moving in the right direction

BUT self obsession kicked in after about 10days
Went to a meeting, shared
talked after with someone new
i felt, lighter

came back did usual
extra meetings, on the "hunt" for new people
gave lots away
now I feel like nothings touching me

Have moved up a gear
wings have streamlined

While away...
Had the Faith, did the prayer, meditation
Lots of answers came, as they tend too nowadays
But No-one to give it away to
no purpose...
I forgot Tradition 5 & Preamble

Lesson is, I did nothing "wrong"
I simply learned a truth by experiencing BOTH
Faith without works is dead P14, P76, P88
and Faith with works is very much alive
Nothing is in the big book by accident
Its in the book for a reason
Its NO coincidence its in there 3 times
Everything in the book was written by recovered/ing
for recovering alcoholics

To duplicate, with such backing, what we have accomplished is only a matter of willingness, patience and labor. P163

Now I know

Keep on Keeping on

page refs Big Book Alcolholics Anonymous

Ps I had the best holiday
which included
24hours away with my brother
this included
Table Mountain
Robben Island
the brother time was so special
we have never, ever been away just the two of us
This was such a gift

the gifts just keep coming
Thank you

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thanks for the well wishes :)