Sunday, May 13, 2007

Get over yourself

Glad I was taking someone newer than me
It was their first AA dance
My second
anyway my fears were nothing compared to theirs!!

Got there and did a meeting
Great chair... perfect for the dance
"everyones scared about what everyone thinks of them"
"Everyones pride kicks in"
"Everyone feels like a woodentop dancing sober"
Its true AA has given me the tools to deal with everything
everything it seems except to get straight on the dance floor!!

Once I knew everyone feels like me, its was easy
Left the meeting, grabbed my friend
And boogied on down until it closed
Have to say
the music was not my taste
my dancing style was not that flamboyant
infact simple steps really
but it was me, what i could do

i spent most of the evening watching how everyone else
(not taking inventory, just seeing how it works)
how they were doing it
i noticed most people were just doing their own thing
no real fancy dancing
no one really in the groove
most people also just doing simple steps

most people were just like me
same old....
just in your own time, in your own way
there were a few minutes when...
I danced like no one was watching... now thats a miracle
If you shut your eyes its easy

So once again
turning up and seeing what happens
worked again

Woke up this morning
Telly still on, central heating on
I had fell asleep knackered last night
Whe I tried to get out of bed
I Couldnt move, every muscle ached

I really need to get out more!!!

I had such a good time
Didnt sit down once or stand on the edge
No standing with my back to the wall
no envy of those on the dance floor
yeh I have moved on, yeah grew abit last night

first sober AA dance A BAD NIGHT
second sober AA dance YAY!!

lesson is
as always
Keep coming back
it gets better

PS the other person, really had a great time
danced like no one was watching
and couldnt believe what a cheap night out it was!!
(obviously my excellent company did it :-)


Syd said...

Good for you. I'm not sure that I could overcome my shyness enough to do what you did. My SO wants me to take salsa lessons with her. Maybe I'll try--not sure. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad that you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

We just had a dance near me... I not ready for that just yet :(

I am happy to hear you had a good time! An old timer told me a long time ago not to worry about what others where thinking about me they are always going to be to worried about themselves to even notice me. A bit of an ego basher but it helps me, ha! :)