Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am grateful..... for Living Sober

am sober
I am well
am happy
am unafraid
am clean
I have a great haircut
I cleaned my teeth
had a bath
clean clothes
I have a conscious contact with God
I have a sponsor
a home group
having a commitment in my home group
did a full days work
got a call from a sponsee
AA literature
I am not God
There are no rules
did service

had 3 meals (in the right order)
promptly banked a cheque (which received only today)
Took a walk along the River Thames in the sun
Listened to my sponsor
excersized restraint of tongue and pen
Didnt get tied up in someones drama
Didnt give advice
Prayed lots

a letter from my gran
a pack arriving for a course
freedom of choice
having an openmind
freedom from paralysing fear
that I can have a lay in tomorrow
Freedom from alcohol
Freedom from obsession
The speed of which I let go is becoming faster
Having fun
not picking up a cigarette
having a mental defense

Enjoying my guitar
Having a fab teacher, with a sense of humour
Practical, hands on learning
can now play Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
and others
Have to sing along to get the rhythm
having to practice most days to keep up
(Step4 gave me this discipline)
try to do a bit each day
even when you want to throw it out the window
even when my fingers are all thumbs
(step 4 & 10 hammered home this discipline)
Singing!? my singing sounds well in tune
(in my opinion ha ha)
Keep on Keeping on

Planned a lay in tomorrow
Recovery Rocks dudes!!
Bring it on

AA's Living Sober is not one of my most read AA books
However, I let go of an old idea lastnight
Seriously bent its spine and read of a few chapters
It has some really good practical suggestions
Suggested to sponsee - look out for it at next meeting

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