Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Am grateful...
a missing AA dude, texted me
sponsee getting feisty
Gods words not mine
patience & tolerence
better to understand than to be understood
the only person we can change are ourselves
often only with Gods help

giving things ago
Old timer in home group yesterday
"you dont take the credit if your sponsee gets it
you dont take the blame if they dont"
another newcomer does his first chair
further evidence the steps work
text off prison AA for my chair date
call of another prison AA about another prison

my calm flat
clean bed
good food
no-one home
quiet bath
getting home in the sunshine
a quiet journey home
talking with family tonight
trying to be of max helpfulness

trying to sort out a banking mix up I have
trying not to bury my head in the sand
recognising how disabling fear really is
step 10's cos they free me up
prayer cos its comforting and safe

doing some clearing up
grateful I have a direction and a purpose
grateful for progress NOT prefection
grateful to be trusted
grateful that I am not God
grateful i made my bed before blogging
grateful for AA its the best
grateful to be tired

grateful I can tell ya I need to take inventory
grateful to be honest.. am fighting inventory
grateful to feel blocked & be aware of it
grateful to know the solution

am lovin it


Scott W said...

I love the way this post is written. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

"grateful that I am not God"
perfectly said!

My name is Shugrr and I'm an alcoholic. said...

I love the way you convey what you're thinking.

where it's not a sentence or complete thought but it conveys much more...

Your thought process, the way it feels, or sounds or materializes

is AAwesome, thanks for sharing