Monday, May 10, 2010

Its just a moment this time will pass

Its interesting how i and other behave
work colleagues and manager
very supportive
health is first

church friends
all pray or me

there, reminding me
keep it in the day
be of service
no predicting
think of others
i dont know that there is anything wrong
praying for me

do more samples
we will send to lab if positive
they will test
and if so i will need to then go
fir further tests

chest xray clear
no apparant reason for cough

who knows!!
Only God at the moment

stayed at churvh after doctor
they were guitarless
so i chipped in
it helped me get out of my mind
and helped them
they prayed for me
and showed their love
its something i am beginning
to really appreciate
i used to envy close families
yet not envy that in your face stuff
yet my church family is real
its loving when i need it
yet not co dependent
not manopilatuve
not like blood families
like here if you need
the love is real

i got the love
i need to see me through :)

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