Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Prison service rocks !!

I havent done prison service for ages
geographicallly its completely
opposite direction for me to get home!!
Yet i do it !!

Service keeps me sober
step 12
the guys are so grateful
i got excited last night
because i was going
into wandsworth prison

unheard of
not even a glimmer of a thought
7 years ago

God has awesome plans
i am grateful for every opportunity

to go in and feel the prison
right in its heart
you have to do it

AA has taken me places
internally and externally
i could only have imagined

thank you God


Lydia said...

This is such a special post! That is wonderful for you to do the prison work. I am grateful to God for your sobriety....and mine. Did you happen to see the recent Hallmark Hall of Fame production about the wife of Bill who founded AA? It was EXCELLENT! I think I'll purchase the DVD at Hallmark.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

i think it sounds great!
must give it a go when things settle down :)

johno said...

It is kind of surreal, being led fhru the locked gates, high walls, little windows. The men are like little boys, lost, directionless. Ego's being crushed sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. Gang leaders finally to facing themselves.

God does amazing things in prison.

I havent seen the dvd about Lois Wilson, email me details when you have them please

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service!