Saturday, May 22, 2010

Step 10's

I need to do some
more often

i need a holiday
or i am becoming less selfcrestrained
or i an opening my mouth to quickly
or am am not wanting to let go
or am baffled
or i am carrying to much stuff
on my mind
and feeling
like its because i have a lot on
well maybe i do
2 weeks to holuday
and i want perfection
before i go
its not too much to ask
or expect is it?
Haha... A natural feeling
yet i think i am
busier than usual
exempt from being
asked to do anything
extra voluntary!!!
Dont they know who i am!!
And how precious my time is??
And how i choose what i do
you dont give it me!!
And espdcually when
me myself and i had
made plans in the sun
i was very tired
and didnt realise how tired i was

still did it
made mustakes
acxepted grace
still got some sun
and now
step 10'd

i need divine
on several issues

i need to withdraw
and pray

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