Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothing wrong ....

All 3 samples negatuve
which means nothing wrong
just breathing tests
in a week ir so
test for asthma and the like
no big deal thesedays

i need to stop worrying
stop worrying

buzarrely i spoke with someone today
who is getting medication
to calm his worrying
its called anti depressants !!
See i hadnt put the two togetger

i am not going to take a pill
to stop me worrying
i need to grow out of it
or gradually ditch it
and fill tge hole with faith

it has been said that i worry
less thesedays
and not suprisingly
my faith is stronger

so hoping that
the more fauthful i become
the kess of a worrier
i will be

god has never given me anything
i cant handle so far
with him, in fellowship

so i will keep on
keeping on
til we are done

lay in tomorrow
and off to vets in afternoon
cat has ear mites again
and his annual well man check
and jabs :)

that means i have had him a year
or is it that he had me for a year? :)
he still purrs his head off when he sees me
before and after food
he still lays around purring randomly
he still hoots and miaows
and i still hae no idea what he's on about
he puts up with his no set meal times
i put up with his hairs!!
we get in fine
i love him :)
he is a grateful cat
and i am grateful for his personality
its perfect

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