Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Money and spreadsheets

Even though i have worked in the
financial sector for ages
spreadsheets and money
do not come easily to me
infact i get bored

same as graph an bar charts
scatter graphs
and all the stuff excel does

makes me sleep

note to self
need a Treasurer when i get a church :)

Corps council minutes i find easy
i cam create minutes
write notes
hear whats been said
remember the meeting
and kind of relive it
all over again...
Is that a gift
or years of hanging onto
resentments, replaying
the day in my head over and over...
Pre step4-5
is this an old habit
put to good use?? :)
i think so :)

good day today
finding it hard to work with
someone who finds it hard
to work with other
wont follow a process
or cant follow a process
and is rigid thinking
its hard to work with
or even to work for
i have tried letting
them lead and i support
even though we are peers
nope that didnt worl
oh well
pray for them
turn up and communicate :)
with love
is firmly a word?

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