Sunday, March 23, 2008

Book Browse

Found This Really Great Book Search Engine
you can read about the book
and read excerpts aswell!!

Book Browse

Easter weekend
yeah talk about openminded!!

spent Good Friday
Following a cross in central London
Freezing by wotsits off
and listening to a choir in Westminster Abbey

Chilled out evening with friend
talking about Christianity
the Holy Spirit
growing into faith
and bible extracts
aswell as much laughing
and chocolate!

Easter Sunday
waking up to large snowflakes
and church again...

Yeh Easter is not about fluffy bunnies and chocolate

Its much more than that
Easter with the Methodists
Not being a mental Loafer
And had a really enjoyable, interesting, challenging time!

Its true!


dAAve said...

just dropping by to say HI !!

Kathy Lynne said...

Well my Easter did happen to be full of fluffy bunnies and chocolate due to my niece and nephew. I had hoped to be more comtemplative this year with my newfound sobriety and spiritual connection, but it was not to be. But it was lovely anyway and I was able to see the results of the program. Enjoyed my moments and I knew that God was with me. It felt good to have the spirit inside.

Shadow said...

snap, my family in germany also had a white easter...