Friday, March 07, 2008

Overdoing it is not anylengths, its insanity

I spoke with NHS direct in the night
she asked... and you have been sitting with earache for 3 days?
how did you manage to do that?
She ordered me to go to my Doctor today without fail
I have been to my Doctor this morning
got some eardrops
Got an infection

This is a wake up call for me
Anylengths is not the same as overdoing it
overdoing it is insane
Anylengths is not

I have not been completley insane
just regarding the "rest" part
I havent had enough
and not working with my personal body clock!
or physical basic needs
or helping it
or making any attempts really
except when forced to by evenings in bed sobbing
or days in bed with cold and flu symptoms

working to the early hours on coursework
and the going to work
had an impact I see it now

I have to take action
I am to old for all this fighting sh*t

Hindsight and daily blogging and step10's
and friends, colleagues feedback
its all there I dont lie
and what I dont write down here
sits in my conscience
or on step 10's

More regular sleep
more regular getting up
back on regular food before 7pm
back on regular more water
back on regular exersize
less randomness
more structure
natural basic needs

I used to get over physical things easier
now it seems I dont
whether this is at the moment
or something I have to accept as the growing... up and old process?
I need to address it
more regular rest
which will compliment
my attempts to get to work on time more

one day this week 9.02
one day this week 8.58
progress, I want more of this it felt good!


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

yeah if you dont take care of yourself it all goes horribly wrong. alcoholics are a bit intense and extreme. they need to learn to be sensible and moderate otherwise they burn out. its just common sense really. you cant have your cake and eat it. SOMETHING has to give.

Christine said...

somedays are harder to get back on track then others.

No time like the present to get started instead of telling myself well on Monday I'll start excercising, eating well, etc. If I leave it up to me and my own devices I'd never get started

Hope when the medicine works for your ear, you feel better