Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stick with the Winners - Have faith, stop fighting and throw in the towel

Spent some time today
talking with my yoga teacher
about letting go
of attachment

And how what I have been given
I am now hanging onto
like its life and death
and I didn realise I was
afraid of not having it
without even thinking
it would be ok without
and how in a past life...
I managed and was actually happy
without the material thing in question

I cant do everything I want, when I want
and what I can do, I cant always do it when I want

Pride... self centredness... impatience
and lack of faith or hanging onto the corner of the towel
or self will run riot!
Terrier like! Born terrier!

Also went to my
Homegroup tonight
still my Homegroup
old friends still there, newcomers getting well
even though its not so regular now for me
I have missed that enthusiasm
for IT

Being around winners is humbling and rejuventating
I am grateful

I needed reminding of whats important
Gods will is Good
God loves Terriers


Shadow said...

winners stick with winners. you're sounding good!

Kathy Lynne said...

Yes, sometimes thinking of attachements I think of people & things but the attachments I am dealing with these days are feelings, ways of coping, certain behaviors, like drinking. And it seems the more sobriety I get, the more centered I feel, the more I am willing to give up these attachments. But it is so easy for them to slip back in as I have used them for so so long. Trusting God takes practice.

Syd said...

So you are a terrible terrier! Ha, maybe one of those little Norwich breeds? Very feisty and full of themselves. I think that you are winner for sure.

molly said...

wonder what kind of dog I am??!!! oh right, crap - it isn't all about me yeah? I MISS YA. Just realized we haven't chatted in a while. You sound well and that is good to see & hear. love ya honey!