Saturday, March 08, 2008

Holding out the hand of AA in the workplace

I really had no idea
how much stuff I have learned
and put into practice
in meetings
group consciences
in intergroup
in the phone office
its kinda just what I do
Its in my bones as they say

So when i have this guy at work break down
on me on Friday
and tell me... my abridged version
how he is out of control
he is tryinbg to control his drinking
his counselling is not working
the tranquilisers suck
and he cant do his job any more
and if he loses it it will be
the worst thing that could happen
his counsellor suggested
he stopped drinking
he briefly mentioned AA
he cried, he is so fragile
I wanted to put him in my pocket :(
But good news is, I didnt!
Nor get too involved
nor try to fix him in 5 minutes
see what happens...
wait and see what happens monday

I asked my manager what the alcohol
policy is at work and what they do
when someones work is affected by alcohol?
I ended up listening to how baffled she
was by this guys behaviour
and lack of understanding why he could not
not drink in the week when he said he would
and how she had overlooked so much stuff
with him and how much time she spent trying to help him
I asked her what she knew about alcoholism?
she said "I know very little, perhaps she ought to find out"
I am lucky to work with people who care!
I said that its sad how little people
know about alcoholism and addiction
and how will power is simply not enough
and that its an illness not something to be ashamed of
I said I have friends in AA who would be happy
to come and do a presentation on AA as a resource
for employers to offer employees
said they have a video, leaflets and Q&A session for management/HR
if she thinks it would help
also sent her the AA newcomers video link
and some other AA links
all without having to talk about me
mostly simply information providing
yeh she will put 2+2 together
and if she asks me I will discuss myself

At the moment, my primary purpose
is to help this guy, by being there
gentle but firm, planting seeds
offering the hand of AA
and my employer by informing them of
this VERY effective resource

There is something I feel now
which is strength
I am at a place where
This has obviously worked for me
I worked it
and I am taking the results into work
I feel safe and protected
On the firing line
See i am no longer suffering
I am recovered
But I am not cured
Always work in progress
Always a need to maintain
improve and pass it on

Willing to help this guy to a meeting
Willing to pass on Employement Liason and
Public Information details to employer
It all seems so effortless and natural
Gods will feels lovely

I love this fellowship knew I was not a hopeless case
I love that we have an effective remedy
I love that I have got well
I love that I feel lifted up and strong

Ear drops kinda working
Ear is SO sensitive!
Still have the pain
though the hearing is not so impaired
which tells me that the ear inflamation
must have reduced... abit!

Done loads a tidying and resting and home stuff today
studied abit
Really gonna have to push myself reading and writing wise
and pray really hard and more often to
bring my head back to whats in front of me

I am too easily distracted
by !!!! cleaning? God bloody help me!

there are no coincidences that this guy
has been moved to be one bank of desks behind me
and that my manager is called by the name she is
I wondered ages ago why...
now I know...
God really does move in mysterious ways!
simply amazing

Monday I need to pray for my ego
to be right sized
and to get my head down and do my job
put the rest in Gods Hands

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