Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prayer is....

Biblical Prayer is
Its more like haggling in an oriental bazaar
than the polite monologues of the churches

P95. The Life you have always wanted
John Ortberg

I agree,
At the beginning
prayer was polite and stunted unnatural
when I started to talk to God like
like it described above
my relationship took off

we even have rows
which end in tears
and make up again

When I stop talking
like any relationship
there is something wrong
communication is key
honesty is key
and listening for a response is key



An Irish Friend of Bill said...

i read similar stuff in

book called new habits. was very interesting. nice book too.

i do not talk to ? as an ? 'equal'. for want of a better word. I am pretty tentative. for me talking to ? god evokes the same feelings as being around people like monks or dalai lama sorts. I either feel i have nothing to say, or I am very aware of how little i know, so feel subsequently very chastened. Not in a bad way. Its a 'good' humility.
But I feel I have a duty to have a 'clean' mind and heart in their presence. sOrt of anti pollution. Or something..
I feel a great responsibility to be GENTLE. Because THEY are SO gentle. My harshness and rough edges become horribly apparent when I am around them. They descibe it as 'creates an uncomfortable contrast'.

I love the Great Spirit Prayer

Anyway. All sounds like healthy investigation! Im listening to munindo on my ipod at the mo.

Kathy Lynne said...

Then again, there is something to be said for silent prayer, where you simply consent to the presence of God. Where you are no longer talking but listening. That's where I'm at right now.

Syd said...

I prefer listening to talking. Often feel as if I believe in the silence and not the spoken word.

Rhonda said...

dialogue is beautiful.
Like Syd, I'm finding silence and just being with God is where it's at for me at this time in my life...