Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Attack of pride

This blogs taking up alot of hours, going on about whats in my head. But then I dont want to forget this journey, so much is amazing, I want a log, if i didnt type, it would get written down and take up a long time, so its what i need & want to do at the moment.

And then am thinking it must be fucking boring for other people, and then am thinking, well who the fuck do you thinks reading it ? no one, me the great me. Rather arrogant.

But if you are and your bored, well just dont read anymore, you already know its boring :-) insanity is repeating the same behaviour and expecting the same results.

Anyway when I write for you, I get resentful when you dont comment, so have to remind myself, am writing for me about me, when am bored of me, i'll write about something else, or jack it in.

Me me me

Anyway. Enuff. am gonna log off T'internet & do a some of step ate or sleep, not sure yet.

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