Saturday, July 30, 2005

S8 the most dribbled on step

how much more time am i gonna put aside to do this ? I sit to write & get absolutely nothing, I cant even look at it without a huge wave of tiredness coming all over me. I go to look, and fall asleep on it for I dont know how long.

Disease - strong in me it is.

Use the force Luke

Step8 the most dribbled on step


Trudging said...

What does your sponser say about it?

Anne said...

thanks for your comment on my blog - I don't know much about the AA but I checked this step out - maybe the first person you need to make amends to is yourself - this must be a hugely difficult step to deal with and your feeling stuck must be reflecting that. Have you come across Motivational Interviewing? The people who use this have a phrase "rolling with resistance" - being stuck is part of the process. Maybe just easing off on yourself will allow you to move forward with it. And Dialectical Behavioural Therapy has "Opposite Action" - so maybe not allowing yourself to begin this step just yet will allow you to begin it! Humans are contrary creatures - use it! Best wishes with this and hope I have not been too much of a nag on this!

johno said...

My sponsor said "pray for the willingness and the power to carry it out" So thats what I gotta do

johno said...

Anne, thanks, all helpful, I checked out a couple of websites.
No nagging atall