Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mistaken identity - the outcome

Yep, its confirmed. The woman in the meeting hasn't been to near where I live in years. Bizarre, but no doubt, no coincidence.

Still no more of step 8 done. I got some fear that I will get sick again, like when I started 8, like step4. So whats the problem ? I have a 2 week window before my mammogram etc, so if am gonna get sick, am already in the NHS to get it dealt with. How much more opportunities am I gonna let pass by ? Why am I choosing to ignore this & allow procrastination & fear the termites, eat away ? The problem is me, I am loafing, enjoying, the effortlessness programme stuff. How about, time to "do 2 things I dont want to do today just for excersize" 1 of them will be turn off the net

just do everyone a favour and just fucking do it. Too many excuses, time to call in some help... God help me please....

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