Sunday, July 24, 2005

The difference today

is that i forced myself to sit with my step 8, but didnt beat myself up when it didnt come as freely as I would have liked.

is that I am willing to look at the harms I have done over and over.

is that i ate, 3 good meals, did some washing and went out and bought some nourishing food that I will eat.

is that I remembered that people will rarely behave the way I expect them to.

is that I can feel the progress thats being made.

is that I got angry, but didnt act out on it.

is that I did mind my own business (twice)

is that i did keep my mouth shut.

is that I am noticing the changes in me.

is that I suddenly noticed where I have been acting out in some old behaviour

is that I am not so afraid of my imperfections, my flaws, my shortcomings.

is that I followed my sponsors suggestion.

is that I remembered that I am an alcoholic, recovering from a killer illness.

is that I put my recovery programme first.

is that I held out my hand to a suffering alcoholic, even though I was afraid of the outcome

is that I am in with a chance, see you're doing it again, thank you

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