Sunday, July 24, 2005

Its becoming clear

I am seeing, feeling, hearing the differences in me to what it was like 2 years ago, to what its like now. So often I miss out on the good bits, when am dealing with the rough bits. People tell me the ego puncturing truth these days. Its all a journey of discovery, recovery & acceptance

Spiritual awakening as a result of these steps.... I am not done yet, and already I am different, slowly waking up as a result of these steps.

Self centred fear doesnt want me to believe it, the evidence is in my face. Someone said its hard to believe you were that quiet introverted person. To me I still am.

Today didnt go my way atall, lots of shuddovs. Its all history. I am doing my lousy best. Turning up and doing it & its not over yet... step 8 todo. Looking at my harms done without taking inventory.

Its all part of the process

Trust the process

It works, so get on with it & stop talking about it.

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