Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dont take myself too seriously

yeah thats the plan, i didnt think i was, but after reading up on others blogs, and stuff, yeh, am doing it. My lifes a breeze compared to what it was, & listening to someone in a meeting tonight, I realise how far i have come with some bits of my stuff.

Sticking with the winners for a change

My gratitude list

I am grateful for
1. the sun shining today
2. a job, which i like
3. yeh being sober
4. remembering to let go a little
5. sharing tonight
6. having a laugh today
7. the proclaimers
8. renewing my ticket before it ran out
9. Going to a meeting outside of my comfort zone
10. Not people pleasing
11. Being part of something magical
12. not analysing or projecting
13. doing a gratitude list
14. not being miserable
15. Mary Poppins

Stuff that i kinda take for granted, I need to do more gratitude lists, i always feel better when I done one.

Am grateful for seeing that I am takin stuff for granted n i dont like doing that. But then how much do I want to keep noticing the minutae & hanging onto it, like its a new toy. What happens when it becomes ordinary & effortless & just "what I do". What happens then ?

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