Monday, February 04, 2008

Back on it

Planned the next two recipes
Another go at the yummy veggie chilli
and another chestnut something, I forgot
I burnt a pan last time I cooked up brown rice
something to do with... mind on my email instead of the cooker!
so I will be more careful this time

I noticed the last few weeks
How when I dont plan my food
It all gets abit patchy
I dont mean..
well yes I do mean patchy
all meals beome hit and miss
and hard work
energy wasting even

Now I have spent some hours cooking
Listening to the radio
and thats my meals coooked for the next week
breakfast is already sorted

3rd meal still hanging
oh well, progress
eating brakfast before 10am
lunch/dinner before 1pm
and dinner/tea before 7pm
really helps

Also stopped with the Mylo in the evening
I didnt realise how much sugar it was
I havent had more than 5 since december

I have lost 2 kg's without really trying
Like I said before
change of diet NOT an attempt to lose weight
I just leaned up without trying
excersize and yoga
drinking water, not excessive
it all happens
not sure the no meat really played a part in the weight loss
but overall, I do feel better with no eating it
I feel lighter, less saturated even

I still eat biscuits and chocolate
But you know
Like one of the trainers I know says
he doesnt do all the excersize and fitness
so he cant enjoy a bag of jelly babies
I agree

I enjoy my fitness
I enjoy my biscuits
I enjoy balance
I enjoy feeling physically lighter

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