Thursday, February 07, 2008

Freedom comings from aiming for living in the truth, the solution... as soon as I notice or am willing to see the dishonesty

What happened today?
As the direct result
of ADMITTING my dishonesty
- and how narrow an UNMANAGABLE my life had suddenly become
COMING TO BELIEVE there is another way, better, easier, softer
MAKING A DECISION to live in the truth (as I understand it)
ADMITTING my wrong motive with my boss God and myself
became ENTIRELY READY to live in the truth/faith not in FEAR
I asked my manager to be aware of my fear of whats appears to be simple face to face with colleagues and management tasks are terrifying to me, and how I would like to get over myself and the only way is for her to keep pushing me when the situations arise... please
in otherwords HUMBLY being willing to let go and let God
show my vulnerable self to another HUMAN,
trusting GOD it will be ok and it is
No-one had been harmed, my own pride and ego thats all!
No amends required
I am willing to CONTINUE to take my own invetory, again if I hadnt
I would not have the chance to IMPROVE grow, reduce my SHORTFALLS
I must remain willing to work towards the truth, God, the Best
Again here is an attempt to show how my life has improved
as a direct result of using the tools

Honesty, willingness and openmindedness, humility

Today, its about personal relations
I spoke with more colleagues, new starters
asked people things I was really scared about yesterday
and the day before, someone new asked me if I was a manager!?
My manager has suddenly become MORE impressed with me
in a different way
she is seeing me in a different light, because ? I HAVE LET HER IN
I have taken action, spoke to people rather than wishing I had/could
suddenly I have stopped letting fear be in control
living in the truth is much warmer friendly

God please continue to grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And wisdom to know the difference

I am lovin it Again

it accepting what I wasnt doing
getting honest
doing it

I have grown in a few days
not sure why I assume
hard times = pmt
I am seeing how fear is
as much of a liability!

Back at uni this week
I am well excited!
Hard work ahead
but day at a time
follow the suggestions
eat and attemp to sleep

I have faith


dAAve said...

That reads a whole lot like the steps.

Blankfrank06 said...

I found your blog through your profile and you might find this interesting. It's a recovery blog where California Correctional Officers took offense at one of my postings. I have had over 350 hits today and I would like your opinion of what's going on.

Shadow said...

it's friday and i tagged you. check out my side...

molly said...

hiya! i relate so much to this you said "ENTIRELY READY to live in the truth/faith not in FEAR".. i spoke honestly with a co-worker this week about some things b/c there was some OBVIOUS tension... it takes a lot of guts and courage to confront fear in order to take care of yourself SOOOO you can take care of others. I THINK that is what I am learning. I'm so glad you are here and sharing with all us blog folk!!

Kathy Lynne said...

johno, you really are an inspiration and an example of how it works. Thanks for being here.