Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saw this and fell off my chair laughing

I want that natural cat high ... bring it on!!

1.10min & 1.20min and 2.40min onwards
just cracked me up

2.02mins is exactly what its like when
I embarked on my step 4
and at times when sit down and attempt
to continue to take a fearless and moral inventory
facing myself at times appears to be terrifying
to the world is just NOT

0.04mins putting up my best fight and being knocked to
my knees with one cool sponsor blow

I think at times I spend many an hour
laying horizontal
and running round the edge of a round rug
or is it a giant pizza base?
and dont realise how damn funny it is
to those observing
its another dimension dudes
the 4th ...
1.10mins the above vid

Infact I relate to most of this video
in some shape or form
running after bears
taking a run at the wall
hurling myself at the wall
hiding under the sofa
falling in the water
escaping what seems the inescapable
having the life frightened out of me
standing my ground
face in the porridge, with a "leave me alone look that would kill"
all loved up with a baby
jumping around completely attention seeking
taking a run, taking a walk and falling down a hole
trying to run and jump prematurely and falling down
1.20mins ballet dancing on my front paws...
jumping an somersaulting for joy just because I can!

Happy Saturday
Huge gratitude to share later
in a study break
the best is yet to come


dAAve said...

those are just GREAT!!

molly said...

cats are a trip! you sound good :)

i'm about to probably have a laugh moment - the hubby is about to try yoga for the first time i think. stay tuned! ha

Syd said...

Cats are cool. And your identification with the steps is cool too.