Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strong urge, first thought, desire for a KFC

I made a decision
not to eat meat
day a time
I haven't

Tonight on the way home from uni I had a
Strong urge, first thought, desire for a KFC
when I know I dont really want one
rational thought says nah
insane then why does it seem like a good idea?
I had not eaten regularly nor enough today
So I ate something healthy
as soon as was reasonably possible after the thought

Early recovery its suggested to carry around
sweets, chocolate something to eat when confronted
with that thought

Hungry - if hungry eat
Angry - pray for them, retraint of tongue, call another alky
Lonely - Go to a meeting, call up an alky, do something useful
Tired - Lay down, take a nap, go to bed

When one or more of HALT is not taken care of
my perception changes
at times irrational
insane thoughts
anyone or more and others could crop up

Prevention is easier than cure
Take care of your HALT
and it takes care of my mind

If I had gone for a KFC
This would have been acting out - dishonest
because my heart does not want one
my head did!
I would have really enjoyed it
I know it
I love them
BUT tomorrow I would have been really baffled
and regret it
remorse... have to start again etc
and know that more than likely
if I had eaten
and not gone to bed at 5.30am last night
after studying

Hungry and Tired HALT
see HALT is a great tool to apply
Another solution!

Practice this principle on thinking about drinking
Dont listen to your first thought
Pick up the phone before you pick up a drink
Think Think Think
Its the first drink not the 5th or the 6th

Heres some AA points to
consider now that you've stopped drinking (in this example eating KFC's)
and if I have tried all these
I could consider these things to
Consider if confronted with the urge (thought) to drink or for me today eat a KFC
before you pick that drink up OR ACT OUT DISHONESTLY IN ANY WAY
Going against Gods will, your new way of living
the life you are attempting to create
the changes you are trying to live by
how ever you want to describe it

I suggest they are useful to consider AND DO
at first thought not waiting til the
urge or the 5th or 6th thought
AND IT WORKS on other obsessions and insane thoughts
like eating a KFC when hae stopped eating meat
and want to stay stopped!!

....if our friend never took the first drink, thereby setting the terrible cycle in motion. Therefore, the main problem of the alcoholic centers in his mind, rather than in his body. If you ask him why he started on that last bender, the chances are he will offer you any one of a hundred alibis. Sometimes these excuses have a certain plausibility, but none of them really makes sense in the light of the havoc an alcoholic´s drinking bout creates.P23

Dont pick up that first....
It will be great to wake up tomorrow
Not having drunk alcohol or eaten a KFC
Grateful again

yes I need to take care with my sleep
its very unmanageable
See I am not perfect, no saint
its one of those areas
I am hanging on to
for some unknown reason
that my head and self will only know!


Rhonda said...

Today I specialized in T - tired. So, I did take a nap.
I love the HALT analogy.

as always...I love your posts.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

study *ucks up your sleep, thats for sure.

try adding
Udo's Choice Perfected Oil Blend

Bragg Liquid Aminos - America's Healthy All Purpose Seasoning!

to your food AFTER cooked.
plus a little protien
handful of almonds. after a meal.

may have been the sugar or e numbers you were craving. gawd knows.

spicy or highly flavoured foods are very addictive, moreish, so i stick to BLAND food, as much as poss. avoid highly flavoured food, and you will not overeat.

right gotta go!

Shadow said...

HALT works like a charm...

Syd said...

I've had the Tired thing going lately too. I don't eat KFC but I did make some hearty chicken soup the other day.