Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gods time not mine - anylengths in the workplace for 4 years - the results are outstanding!

I post this not to show you how good I am
its to show you it worked when I worked it
it didnt when I wasnt
in the workplace

4 years ago
6-9 months away from a drink
struggling to grasp step 1
hanging on by my finger nails
I was on disciplinary at work
speaking to unions
in discussions with HR, Managers
and couldnt manage to do even the simplest thing
like stay awake at work
washing machine head, which would NOT shut up
constatntly distracted
no attention span
no discipline
relying on others to help me
no imagination
no a colleague amongts colleagues
not a worker amonsgt workers
a drain on the company
1 hours work in an 8 hours day
a dishonest days work
not through lack of effort or will power
will power and effort was not enough
I was Deadwood basically
A liability
I was told they needed to get rid
of those that were a drain on the company
4 weeks to try and meet some development areas...
acheivable? yes
after 2 weeks it was obvious to me I couldnt

I went and surrended
I am not messing around,
I am not very well
I cant do my job
I have lots of experience
is there anything else you can give me to do
This is a very precarious position to be in
when your companies being sold
all the deadwood are being edged out and I was one of that wood
You may have to take a pay cut

I am telling you
Anylengths is as you see on this area
a marathon not a sprint
no quick fixes
faith (trust the process)
Turning up (Go to a meeting)
Keep turning up (Keep coming back)
Day at a time
Cinch by the inch Hard by the yard
Pray to be shown the next right thing
Do the next right thing
Just keep turning up until they ask you not to
Put in the footwork.. let go of the outcome
God does for us what we cant do for ourselves
trust the process

God gave me a few skills
I knew I had a few, but they didnt show themselves

At the time I had a VERY patient & tolerent sponsor
who gave me very direct instructions
minute, hour, day, night by night
my relentless questions
my relentless fear
were met with strength and experience anylengths back
her faith in the steps and practicing these principles
is massive
she had faith in something
I had faith in this something she had
even though I had no idea what it was (blind faith)
I followed as best I could
to the enth degree
it all made sense
and it was manageable
small steps
those early tools still work and keep on working
Sponsorship really is Love, tolerence & gratitude in action
I am Very Very grateful
Thank you

2007 I reached a standard
I have never reached before
NO development areas by the company
1 development area for me to work on (my choice)
All they ask me to do
is to keep doing what I am doing
Keep on Keeping on

So God, Sponsor and fellowship
and Anylengths
You did this, I wanted it
We did this!
Thank you

This is a review of my performance 2007
They wrote this

Johno is a very competent and self disciplined individual.

She goes over and above her level of service agreements to her advisers to ensure a smooth transaction of business. She aids client retention by encouraging client contact by way ....

Johno has received excellent feedback from her advisers who commend her for her hard work and commitment to them and their clients. They recognise her professional approach to her role and with a happy working relationship, Johno is rarely away from the office.

Johno has become a great team player, always offering assistance to her colleagues and RSM (Manager). She has really settled into the team and will put herself out to help others.

She has committed herself to a university degree outside of the business which she is enjoying and finding a good challenge.

One area Johno wishes to change and streamline is her working hours. Although her current hours were agreed at the outset of her employment and are not an issue under discussion or needing development from a business point of view, it is an area she wishes to look at herself in 2008.

Johno should be really proud of her achievements and is an asset to the team.

This is for real!!! and yes I am very proud
proud to bear witness to those I may help!
The only bit I have written, is in italics
why? its my choice development
because I couldnt find anything in my
job description or generally that I needed to improve on
and neither could they
What the italics is basically saying is I would like
to try and start work at 9am instead of 9-9.30
even though flexi is fine by them
personally its those small victories that make such
a difference to us alkies!
So my goal for 2008
To maintain the high standard I have been
and to make it in once a week at 9am or before!

I no longer do the job I was on disciplinary for
I do a job somepeople have looked down on
as a lesser job than what I did
For me I do an honest days work
I love what I do
which is 4th Dimension stuff
oh yeh!

I dont know what the HR guy will think
if he even remembers when he reads this review
he was the HR at my last company who
was having disciplinary conversations
He is also now at my new company!

Do you know how grateful I am?
More than words can say

Thank you God
Your Will is Amazing

Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of God’s will into all of our activities. “How can I best serve Thee-Thy will (not mine) be done.” These are thoughts which must go with us constantly. We can exercise our will power along this line all we wish. It is the proper use of the will.p85


Shadow said...

wow, what a post. hats off to you! and well, well done!!!

Syd said...

Johno, good for you. And your comment on everyday asking to do God's will is how I start my day. This is a great change from where I was a year ago.

Ingenue, Interrupted said...

Congrata-flippin-lations baby! That is amazing and clearly so deserved. Keep being so damn attractive, will you? It is after all a program of attraction, and you are keeping me inspired....

xo Ing