Sunday, February 17, 2008

Step 3 - Letting Go and Letting God (of our own understanding) drive me

A friend of mine joined her church
become one with her God her Christ
I cannot do this
I dont feel it
she does
Christ has done something with her
and its wonderful
to see it
I see the love she feels
I feel Jesus through her
she bears witness
she is a channel

I usually steer clear of communion
But today I challenged my old idea around this thing
I ask myself what
the act of not taking communion would have meant?
self will
an old idea that I cant do it
because I dont believe it...
the Jesus thing I mean
I prayed much and guess what
The minister covered every single
avenue I could have chosen
He made it very clear
that ANYONE could take communion
its all inclusive
Who am I to say that I am no-one?
Who am I to say I am an exclusion?
Do I know better?

I took communion for the first time
I wanted to
In the fellowship of the spirit
Together an act of fellowship
At one with my friend
and Jesus
I am not sure
exactly what it is
but It felt right
my motives were right

Will I take communion again?
I dont know
I understand its meaning
and today
It felt the way to go

my friend
I love you
God loves you
Thank you for including me
in your special ceremony
I know You are in Loving hands

I dedicate this song to you
Its called Everything by Tim Hughes
I love it because
Its about handing over my will and life
thats every part of my life
every part of
all of me
over to my God of my own understanding
my creator
its lovely
Turn it up and enjoy

Hey! Christ in me
Christ in me
Christ in me the hope the glory
You are everything
Be my everything

I love Jesus
even though I dont know him
it doesnt seem to matter
I see what He does in others
and its breathtaking

God thank you
The gift of sobriety
prolonges and enhances
it make us alive
Spiritual surgery
from the inside out


Rhonda said...

There is something special about communion but I don't want to do it just because I should.

Have a good day.

indistinct said...

As I read your words, something tugs within me. I just want to say thank you for posting them.