Monday, April 07, 2008

A good day and Please Pray for a friend of mine

I had a good day...
got up early
did the necessary
that most people do in the morning
apparantly without effort
Got to work at 9.05am!

Good day
ate drank tea and water
no-one needed any suggestions!
the "alky" is now cured it seems
drinking normally
an AA called me up struggling though
see one door closes another one opens

left just after 5
studied on way home
and now will eat
do some more
do some step 10's
watch some tv
and bed

I am grateful!! for the ordinary

Please pray
for a friend of mine
She has cancer
and is having a VERY rough time at the moment
her faith and courage
are astounding
anylengths on any given day
inspite of everything
she is doing her step work
and practicing the principles
doing the next right thing
VERY sober and VERY living!
she is a lighthouse to many
Gods own technological whizzkid
I love her
please remember her in your prayers

God bless her with Love, Peace
Faith and continued strength
to carry out Your will for her

thank you


Syd said...

I will remember her. Thanks for writing about her.

molly said...

gosh - how inspirational your friend must be. i'm sending blessings her way & to you, sweet friend. love ya.

Christine said...

your friend is blessed to have you. Prayers will be said...

Shadow said...

she's got my prayers...