Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Light of the World .... step down into darkness

Light of The World

Thank you for praying
Step 3 is where I must be at the moment
no fixing, analysing
acceptance is the answer
and living and loving in the present moment
because the present moment is all we have
handing it over
turning it over
to the care
of God as she understands Him

Jesus, we never had a conversation
before I dont think
but you know
I am nowadays accepting of your existance
and know your Spirit does live on
I see how you work in her
how you work in my sponsor
how through them you have.. do work in me
God your Love is the Greatest Love of All
Love her as I can not
Take care of her as I can not
Wrap your arms around her this evening
and hold her still and calm and gentle
dont leave her for a second!
and send your Father round my house
and round everyone that knows her's house
I am sure I am not the only one
that could do with a Big Handed Cuddle

I will continue to
love her as I can
not as I cant

Buddy love Rocks!
Fellowship Love Rocks!
Gods Love Rocks!

Letting Go Letting God

This and yesterdays prayers
and todays
are for you Whizzkid
sleep well
Love ya

Tim Hughes
Light of the World


Shadow said...

nicely said!

Syd said...

You are inspiring. It all does rock for sure.

Kathy Lynne said...

Blessings to whizkid and to you! Loved what you said today.


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

good luck with exams etc!

Sounds Of Blackness - Optimisitc helps!

Christine said...

big handed cuddle---oh yes!
I have to tell sponsee to ask that for her son instead of the coddling she's been attempting


MICKY said...