Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am not as miserable as I may sound!?

awareness really is a huge key
its true

today is better
the truth sets me free
admitting loneliness is freedom

I dont feel half as lonely
as I did a few days ago

Review at work
Highly effective again...
Also told
no need to fear a review
any development areas
would have been highlighted
or become apparant well before the review
so a review if we are being managed well
would hold no suprises
hence... there were no suprises

I am supersonic
at work

My head tells me so many lies

trust the process
put in the footwork
let go of the outcome
do my best on a daily basis

not slothful
not victim like
honest best
is enough

I am happy today

The truth is often
funnier than fiction
I make people laugh
just by telling the truth

personal objectives carried in my review
Get in at least once a week for 9am
How many times in the last 7 weeks
have I got in for 9am?
its true
yeh its not a business objective
its a personal one
so I have nothing to fear
except... my own big stick

Great hilarity in the office
Twice... It is progress
They dont realise just how much
progress that is
I find it all amusing
and also accepting this is
reality for me
Not taking myself seriously
in this are is ESSENTIAL
and I need to stop trying
I can laugh about it too!!


Shadow said...

it's good to laugh, isn't it!

Christine said...

So, not getting to work on time is one of your ways to rebel?

Syd said...

At work here, if hilarity occurs, the hilarity sensors are highly active and tend to sense any fun. Too bad as laughter is a great morale booster.