Sunday, April 06, 2008

More about Studying

How many people do I know
who have been "ill" for ages?
Now I am not "ill"
I can see there are loads

Having conversations with others
we all go through the same stuff
its no coincidence at Easter we
get almost 3 weeks break from lectures
and 3 people I talked to
say they "would not pick up study books"
me included
Its not possible to force this thing!
you have to wait til the rebellion passes
even if its 24 hours before the assessment
well so be it

I dont think I will ever understand this thing
Just have to run with it
stop fighting

study as you can
not as you cant

reading constructively at the moment
reading and recprding at the same time
and then transferring it to ipod
much as I am squeamish about
the sound of my own voice played back
getting over myself!

There is only so much reading a girl can do
over and over
so... reading it out loud once
and recording at the same time
then its done!
creating an MP3 library
yet another way of learning
that seems to be working
at the moment

Ok i've flitted on facebook
been out shopping
told a couple of people I love them
and blogged
gonna eat
and back to it!


Shadow said...

it's so important to tell people you love them. good for you...

Christine said...

you are soooo busy!
xxoo much love darlin'