Friday, April 04, 2008

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laughed loads
was asked what I was on!
enjoying again
enjoying the lighter mornings and nights
enjoying the warmth

What I was doing:

10 years ago – 1998 cant remember a thing. I was working and in a relationship. Apart from that I know no specifics.

5 years ago—Working. Just breaking up from the aforesaid relationship. Spiralling downwards reverting to the drinking habits of my teenage years. Starting to lose my grip. I was recovering from falling down a concrete staircase headfirst and planning to go to Cyprus, without visiting the hospital to get checked out. Sensible!

1 year ago— Just checked my blog… doing my step 9’s

Yesterday—bathed, ate, worked, studied

5 snacks I enjoy
1) Walkers Crisps
2) kit-kats
3) caramac
4) Krispy Kreme donuts
5) Egg custards

What I would do with 100 million pounds
1) Ask God
2) Employ a cook and a cleaner
3) Have a house by the sea, with a housekeeper and let you stay there when I wasn’t
4) give loads of it away where its needed
5) not hang on to it, wouldn’t cope well with useless excess long term
6) visit all the places I’d love to visit
7) see who or what comes up when I have got 100mil
8) Eat all the snacks I enjoy

5 places I'd love to visit
1) New York
2) Grand Canyon
3) Ayres Rock
4) Lake Como
5) Maldives

Pet Peeves
1) nose excavating on the train
2) smoking on the pavements outside workplaces
3) snorting and spitting
4) financial institutions making money out of people through ignorance because they can!
5) dirty floors on public transport
6) MRSA virus

part two another time
not good at remembering on the spot!

Harry Chapin Cats in the Cradle

people are gifts
they come and they go
friends and family and colleagues everyone
all like waves
coming and going
back into the stream of life
make that call
kick that ball
tell that person you love them
send that card
make time
make it happen
take action
Do not delay

Have a good weekend


Shadow said...

what a perfectly delightful term: nose excavating. need to remember that for the bean, heee heee heee. should get a giggle out of him.

you have a good weekend too!!!

johno said...

there is a difference between picking and excavating!

Christine said...

love you

Kathy Lynne said...

When you get to NY call me!!!

Love Harry Chapin.. thanks for reminding me...saw him when I was in college and he was amazing...nice when we can live on..