Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sky Blue and Black

When something stops working
letting Go
with love
things change
things need to be washed
as they were no longer working in their
current form or had ran out of steam
and required a review assets/liability
sometimes a period of abstainence
to assess, with and without
whats real and unreal
true and untrue
let go absolutely
and let love in

I love this - Sky Blue and Black
This is a beautiful song
Jackson Browne

Things change
I change
you change
we change
it changes
letting go of whats not working
and allowing what is to grow
in its uniqueness
in its time
day by day

Ocean and the wind
make the waves together
(along with other forces)
the waves spread out and disapear
where? and then return to the ocean
the rivers lead to the ocean
good and rubbish is all welcomed by the ocean
it gathers it all
and does something with it
its huge, really huge
and necessary
and beautiful
and at times appears angry and destructive
we are powerless over its actions
we can use science, physics create barriers
to "prevent" floods
we can have monitoring of tidal movement
to evacuate in the even of tsunami
we can
do we really know the ocean?
do we really know the forces of nature?
and even when we do see the signs
do we listen?
do we take action?
or do we delay?
thinking it will not be as bad as we think it will be?
Do we rely on science too much?
and saving money and pride
rather than a more lives
What is the price of a life?
Who has the right to make the choice or control who lives?
Do I? Do I really have a choice or any control?
When my time will be?
Do you?

What with our ultra-modern standards, our scientific approach to everything, we are perhaps not well equipped to apply the powers of good that lie outside our synthetic knowledge. Doctors Opinion Big Book xxv


ps eyelashes, naturally fair verging on transparent!
now, blue/black a perfect frame for my eyes
I feel good
I get compliments after...
10 minute job
10 minutes of lying down eyes shut
breathing meditation to relaxing music aswell
win win win win

some guy I havent seen for ages
visited the office today
unfamiliar feeling stirred in me!
haven't had that for a long while!!!!!!!!!
he remembered me from ages ago
wasnt sure where
or my name
and likewise
I knew his face
a little older
couldnt remember who or where from
now I do
and then
we took a lift together...
laughed and caught up
and went our own ways
little things sent to make us smile


Shadow said...

all in all, sound like you had a good day!!!

Syd said...

It all sounds good. It's the little things that make a big difference, isn't it?

Christine said...

still love Jackson Browne after all these years. Like coming comforting. thanks