Monday, April 21, 2008

Never underestimate the power of prayer...

I have prayed the last few days
for the willingness to change my attitude
to 9am starts... thats all

I went to bed last night around 1am
I woke up around 5am...
Restless, irritable about being awake
Layed there and wondered what was going on!

Of course if I only have 4 hours sleep
the day will be not be easy will it?
Who says? How do I know?
Why don't you go to an early meeting

seeing as you are awake..
wake up in the meeting

I layed in bed thinking
why am I laying in bed thinking
this sounds like a good idea
infact it makes perfect sense

So I did
I got to the station
2 hours earlier than I usually do
this felt really weird
I couldnt work out
why 2 hours?
whe I was on my way to an hour meeting
how would that work?
well because I am normally about 1/2 late for work
for a start

Arrived at the meeting
scared... why?
Its like a small victory
the anticipation whats it like
the mythical morning meetings
which have been so out of reach
for 4.5 years
Today I got there early

Heard some amazing shares
exactly what I needed to hear
good cuppa tea
a laugh
and some real grounding stuff
start the day of with likeminded people
collected a newcomers phone number
And got in to work at 8.45am

Its not rocket science is it?

Although I was scared to go into work
what will they say, think of me?
thats me "the great me"
felt like hanging around til nearer 9am
so they didnt get apiece of me
insane or what!!!
like I was being thrown to the wolves
FEAR really is so destructive to progress

Anyway I didnt listen to it...
This morning I listened to God
Thought as little as possible
and kept doing the next right thing
which God kept putting in my head

First thought after getting in the building
Well i've done it now
NO see this is where many people inc myself
fall down
Its about continue and improve
Yeh i've done my once a week
but my ideal is most or even everyday

So I will continue to pray twice a day
for the willingness to change my attitude
to 9am starts
for the reminder of the 2 weeks

and see what happens

1 comment:

Kathy Lynne said...

I love my morning meeting. And I couldn't give it up though I am willing to miss a day here and there for to make up for sleep deprivation. But it makes me late for work since I am supposed to be here at 8 but I pushed that to 8:30 and so far no complaints.