Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doing it sober - another first

Its a first

Just spent 10 hours in the open air
listened to some excellent bands
3 stages
saw some new ones (to me)
and a couple of old favourites

Such a cheap day out doing it sober
So much more chilled
Not racing to the beer tent between sets
Not racing to the toilet
Not missing anything
Present for it all

there's something about music
theres something about it
that opens me up
and cradles my heart
then lifts me up

Forever Like Red
Bens Brother
Amy Macdonald
The Feeling aswell as their own stuff
did an awesome cover of "Video killed the Radio Star"

Crowded House sang
Always take the weather with you
and it starts terrential raining
we shared umbrella's
it didnt matter

Peter Gabriel
20 feet away, singing
In Your Eyes
I felt so lucky
my heart just feels blessed
It was a beautiful moment

If you had asked me what
I would like to hear the most live today
it would be that one
it was worth working for
Am grateful

I love seeing gifts of everything
even the ordinary days have gifts
I dont ever want to lose
the gratitude
I feel for what
I have been given
I dont want to stop noticing it all

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An Irish Friend of Bill said...

music can be very healing. its like poety.