Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting angry doesnt solve anything

Due to your recent posts on Anger
I am watching out for booby traps

Typically after listening to the alarm
Til it started to get light
dilemma between
well its not worth going to sleep now
and i cant anyway
Finished reading "A Pilgrims Progress"
I dropped off about 5 and woke up 8.45 eek
Shop Alarm still going off...

Prayer answered in the middle of washing my hair
go in the shop & get the number of the alarm
security company who are te call out contact
Common sense, perfect sense
much better than my idea
"if i leave it to someone else it'll get sorted"

A further rush of soundness of mind led me onto
Well if a shop alarm is going off
for this long, then its a fault in the wiring
No one would leave it binging off that long purposely
If its working properly, the security co or
police would be on it
I cant blame the shop owner
Cos they probably are completely oblivious

I raced down the stairs to check out which shop
as at anytime the alarm could just get turned off
it was passed 9am
as I got nearer the door
Fear said, they'll just tell you to MYOB
Faith said... just ask for a number so if it happens again
you can alert someone, go on

So I did, the manager wasnt gonna be in til
later but she said he would sort it
I walked out of the shop
then walked back in
Asked for his number so I could call him
she said theres no point in having the landline number
as they only open shop hours... she missed the point
I asked for it anyway

Dave the manager told me
he was in touch with the alarm & security people
to find out why it went off
was it a fault in the wiring
or was it operator error from his Sunday staff
Either way, he was sorry this had happened
It should be sorted today
He gave me his personal mobile number anyway
just incase it happened let him know

I cant really ask for more than that

Yeh could have asked for compensation and all that stuff
The shop is an outlet to promote a new Gym opening near me
What kind of compensation would I get from them then?
What would I do with a Gym membership
It would be abit like waving a stake at a vampire

All i wanted was a solution incase it happened again
thats what I got

As for work
yeh called them, said I would be late
someone said, "they wouldnt have bothered to turn up
they would have gone back to bed for the day"
Is it me? taking responsibility and tying up loose ends
This really is the easier softer way


Bouncing off the Bottom said...

I just found your site. Thanks for the visit to mine.
"taking responsibility and tying up loose ends
This really is the easier softer way"--just what I need to hear on a Monday morning. I shall be back!

Syd said...

You're honest and do take responsibility. It's the best way to be. And the only one if we're going to succeed.