Friday, June 22, 2007


Kind. Is something I always "tried" to be
ie great effort was put in
I never got the "responses" from people
which I expected
so would get a resentment and sulk

Today I was called kind (more than once)
and thanked for my kindness today
I didnt even know that I was being kind
I just was

Its happenened without me noticing
I didnt have to put any effort in today

What I saw was "just doing my job"
Others saw as kindness

Its none of my business what was going
on in the heads of those who said it

All I know is that I am naturally a kind person
and by just doing the right things
ie in this instant "just doing my job"
without the self seeking motives
of recognition
I am now doing this kindness thing
without even trying
its no effort
I just am kind (I am not a saint)
The recognition thing happened
naturally aswell, but thats another post last summer

We will suddenly realize that God is doing for
us what we could not do for ourselves P84

This has happened as the result of these steps
This has happened as the result of listening
and doing what my Sponsors have suggested
This has happened as a result of being honest
openminded and willing (to do the next right thing)
this has happened as the result of cultivating
and growing a relationship of a loving Higher power
(one that wants the best for us all)
This has happened as the result of trusting the process

It works - it really does
I am changed and changing
I love this

Just doing my job isnt about just turning up and
being the angry doormat victim martyr anymore.
its about doing anylength, being of max helpfulness
whatever am asked todo, being in a job I can do
and or getting the training to do whats required to
do it... whatever it is... unless its illegal or
immoral... I work for them, I do not run the show.
By living this, we have more laughs at work
than I have ever experienced in any other job
and our respective line managers are more than happy
with our performance)

I laugh more than I have ever laughed
It dont seem like work
We often say
When does the real work start then ?
And I earn more than I have ever earned...

This is definitely a 4th Dimension am in
Its Life Jim, but not as you know it

thank you for all your comments the last few days

By the way
life isnt perfect
I have some areas of my
life which are unmanageable
Some of my affairs need working on
It IS all moving in the right direction
its all along way away from that
pityful demoralization not not too many years ago

I have absolute faith that as long as I
Keep on, keeping on, have faith in my loving HP
and use these Spiritual tools
ALL my problems, difficulties, defects, flaws
faults, sick bits, mental, physical, internal
external will be dealable with
one way or another

BUT it will be in Gods time NOT mine


Syd said...

You are so right. If we quit bitching and just treat others as we would like to be treated, all would be well. A great post and one that reminds me of what I need to do every day.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

What I saw was "just doing my job"
Others saw as kindness

Yeah I get that too. Sometimes, (Quite a lot actually!) People do not know what to make of me at first. They think I might be a bitch or a bit aloof. Whatever. I don't really mind what they think as my priority is not to be admired. After a while they 'get' me, and figure out that I have other peoples and my own wellbeing kind of at the top of my list. But not in a sugary ? Complimentary way. Gawd knows.

But yeah, I think that is a good sign. How it 'should' be done really. Not that it is any of my business how people decide to get well. But I like it when service becomes a way of life. A sort of prevailing mindset. Doesn't mean we have figured it all out. No Siree! But it DOES make for a MUCH easier life.
Can't say I identify with you on the job front. I have worked in a very divisive, quite a brutal environment for far too long, so I am not supported in the ways you describe. Companies are like alcoholic families. The sick ones are very difficult to redeem. You are clearly in a company that has healthy attitudes as opposed to very sick ones. So that's good!