Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Quit the Debating Society

I asked the question "Am I recovered?"

An old timer I would consider "recovered"
uttered along the lines of
"We alcoholics can get in to heated discussion about things"
he gave me his definition
yeh made sense
still not satisfied

I spoke with my sponsor yesterday
who uttered, how can we be sure ?
the person is practicing these principles in all there affairs?
am I sure they are ?

the truth is i dunno
the answer now seems irrelevent

What I do know is that this question
has diverted me from my primary purpose
At my home groups
Its not helpful for me to hang around
debating whether I am recovered or not
(me the great me)

Johno Just Get Over Yourself
And get on with it
cos inevitably if pursued further
will lead to you
making a complete ass of yourself

Thank you Friend of Bill
for your .. We are never "cooked" post this week


Syd said...

I'll never be fully recovered. It will always be progress not perfection for me.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Recovered for me means out of harms way with regard to the ravages of alcoholism. it doesn't mean I have no more 'work' to do. all human beings have terrible flaws. it doesn't make any difference whether you're an alcoholic or not. I see recovery like remission from any illness. If I had cancer and tumors had disappeared for a chunk of time, I would describe myself as recovered. I have the relationship to alcohol described on p84 and 85 in the BB, amongst other things, so I pretty much see my disease as being in remission. Plus I have enough sanity to see ho insane some of my reactions are. I think its FAR more worrying when you can't see them.