Monday, June 11, 2007

Its the first "pop" that does the damage

Bubble Wrap packaging
We had some sheets of bubble wrap packaging
with the large bubbles in the office today

how many people
are unable to just pop one bubble
and walk away

Walk over to the nearest sheet of bubble wrap
and try to control your popping!!

Just pop one bubble and walk away... try it
(obviously do not if kind of behaviour
is already a problem in your life)

#Rule 62. "Dont take yourself so damn seriously"
I am off to bubble wrap poppers anonymous

Very grateful today
The way I have been sponsored over the last 3.75 years
Is nothing short of God gift to me
I have listened to everything I could
tried everything I could
Its all worked
its all relevent
its all tools to use
Its all stored up like in the library
just waiting to be used
I am blown away

Thank God for Sponsors
Thank God for the 3 Keys
Honesty, Willingness, openmindedness
Thank God for the 3 Legacies
Unity, Recovery, Service
Thank God for Progress not Perfection
Thank God for the Big Book
Thank God for the first 100 Angels
Thank God they went to anylength
AA Comes of Age
never fails to bring out the gratitude in me
Am grateful for our fellowships Loving God

Thy will not mine be done


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Besides stomping on bubblewrap is a great stress relief!

Syd said...

Not taking yourself too seriously is a good rule. It is one of my main rules. Just being me is okay. Thanks for your great posts.