Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It works - It really does

It works-It really does
P88 Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous

I am grateful today
that I do not buy into other peoples drama
I do not react with muted anger or audible sarcasm
towards people for replaying the
"this is this weeks problem tape"
to everyone that asks how they are
regardless of who they are
whether they are equipped to deal with it

once I got in AA and found a voice of sorts
its like the tape was on constant
play, rewind, play, rewind
all my problems seemed to build up like layers
and even though some became resolved
it was like i couldnt grasp it - couldnt see the truth
life got too much, and even the simplest things
became too ard, it was all just too ard

Spiritually sick, emotionally crippled, mentally defective
physically just a bag of organs, surviving
continually sick and tired of being sick and tired
I was the most miserable **!
Continually needing reminding
We are sick people getting well, not bad people getting good

God am glad its not like that now!!

Up to a few years ago
I had no idea how to deal with
the Devils who wear Prada
The Primadonnas LOUD AND PROUD
now I am
(I have a God that helpd me come to believe)
that my George from Asda is good enough!!
Twiggy at M&S is also enough
And the Devil also weras George & M&S

The Devil often does wear Prada in circles
that I now find myself in and he often reveals himself
and she aint a pretty woman
The grass is not greener

So I stick with "trying to be of maximum helpfulness"
continue to dress becomingly in my George at Asda
and Twiggy at M&S
and stay out of other peoples drama's
I do not have to fix them
I do not have to like them
I do not have to take them home with me

I like praying for people nowadays
People appear to change after a few days
...... they do, its true, they appear to change works this praying lark
Its magic
...... stop your scoffing and try it

Yeh I have resentments its obvious
Those same defects do not disappear
they just quieten
But I take inventory and pray for them dudes
On my knees at times
I rarely say how I feel when in resentment
mostly its not helpful
(I remember trying it, making a comment,
it resulted in a loud shouting match
battle of self wills
- my motives for the comment
was barbed with envy, self pity, pride
and self centred fear, affecting my security
self esteem and personal relations)
In otherwords, crap motives

At that time, I didnt have this
faith in the Spirit of the Universe,
a Loving God (its true)
I had no idea what to do with these people
So i would avoid them
Now I dont need to, in fact its impossible to
These Eskimo's turn up all over the place
carrying Prada bags

God hears my truth and thats enough
I have been a doormat to my own stuff long enough
I am not prepared to be one for anyone elses
Its just not Gods will for me, I KNOW
I have worked to hard for what I have now
With His help and his messengers

How much money they have is none of my business
What they talk about is also none of my business
What their drama's are is also none of my business
Even if they tell me I dont have to comment
"I dont know" is enough
Gossip Kills (me if I listen to it)
Idle banter kills me (if I take part in it for too long)
So I try not to do either

Nowadays I love my Devils in Prada
They are all Gods kids, as I am
Perfect in their imperfectness
Just like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sleeeeeeeeeeeep give me Sleeeeeeeeeeeep

Gratefully yours God, to build with me
and to do with me as Thou wilt
(please dont put me in Prada)

Ps God only kidding about me in Prada
i'll leave it with you

PPs God do you wear Prada ?


Syd said...

Wise words--I only know one lady who resembles the witch in the Devil Wears Prada and I don't have to deal with her. I'm dealing with other people who have their issues though. At the moment, they are a bunch of mariners who are unhappy and bitching. I stay out of it and just do my work. And say the Serenity Prayer over and over.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

hey top models buy primark stuff. 'high street' is ok these days. I get a bit fed up being around (what I call) the 'flicky hair' types. Mind you there are actually very few people I REALLY want to be around these days. but whatever. thats just how it is and its none of my business anyway.

Rob said...

Two things.

First, WOW, thank you so much for the "Prada" post. There was so much there I can identify with, that I won't try to itemize them all. Suffice to say you have captured somethig there that I will bring with me today. But mostly thank you for the laughter and the smiles it brought me. I think it makes Spirit very happy when we laugh.

Second, Thank you for the comment you left for me, without that I might have missed out on your blog.