Wednesday, June 20, 2007

when I dont know what to say

when I dont know what to say
it is ok to say nothing
or say "I dont know what to say"
(more often than not, its enough)

"You say it best
...when you say nothing atall"
(Ronan Keating)

"I dont know what else to say"
am just as grateful as ever dudes


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

one of the cool things about getting ? well is that our 'presence' can be very healing just on its own. if we have 'nice vibes' inside, other people can sense that even if we don't say anything. Makes life a lot easier in many respects. means i dont have to think of stuff to say so much. which is cool.

kathym said...

Hi John. Thanks for visiting me. I am finding that journaling my thoughts and meeting all of you in the blogosphere has been so helpful to me in the past 11 days! Experience, Strength and Hope. I am gaining these. Thank you.