Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Personal Fitness

The thing about blogging is that
I get to see how you guys do life

It shows up my shortfalls
It shows up my strengths

A post this week on Recovery Archive
and a comment back by Bouncing on the Bottom
around the subject of Personal Fitness, Food and Excersize
has pricked my conscience AGAIN
you got me looking from an entirely differnt angle
which is always good thing

I also had an email exchange with my personal
trainer which ended up with her telling me
to "stop making excuses and get down the gym"
or you'll end up with a squidgy butt"

Heard similar before somewhere "these are just
excuses stop balking and get on with the steps"
So i shut up, its me thats just stopping me
Get over yourself Johno

Trainer barked "getting down there once a week would be a start!!
Its true, once a week would be better than "nonce" a week
(er can I use that word in this context?)
I mean better than not atall
She cant do it for me, she just sets the programme
I've got to do the work

Ive just been down the gym
she's right, i do feel better
75mins, did nearly all she set me

Personal Fitness it seems is a way of life
not something of a chore, a luxury or something
I might just get addicted too, like some
excersize junkies, I see on TV

Taking care of myself, with the help of someone (a personal trainer)
that knows better than me "Get with the programme Johno!!"

Seems am suffering from contempt prior to investigation
A huge amount of self will, self righteous, arrogance
and am afraid of becoming what I want to become
an alround fit ass

Sometimes its my fear of success that hold me back
just as much as my fear of failure used to

anyway I've done it now, once this week

Thank you :-)

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An Irish Friend of Bill said...

regarding gym. 'bring your body and your mind will follow'. No pain no gain. works for me. Just show up. every day. Willpower grows like a muscle the more you do it. but yeah. LIFE is all about going to 'any (frikin) lengths'
there is no escape huh? everywhere you look, THERE'S the programme. never mind. you get used to it after a while..
but exercise is VERY important for ! everything, but strengthens our energy body as well as our physical body. works on every level. it prevents cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes. you name it. but it helps keep the brain positive too. its tough, but doing life right is pretty tough anyway, so what's new. i find life the toughest disciplinarian there is!