Monday, July 09, 2007

Am I now old AND sensible ?

Concert was Cool

Got there well early
There was a sign blocking the view
I asked and they took it down!?

Someone else suggested asking for better seats
As the sideview our section had was not so good
Due to the stage being further forward
than shown on the booking chart
So went to see, and they changed the ticket
Better view

This shows me its the Good is the Enemy of the best!!
I had a Good seat, and I saw better was on offer
I wanted the best I could get
I asked for it and Got a Better view than I had
It cost me no extra
Put in the action, let go of the outcome
I would have accepted a no and stuck with Good
Got to read a few chapters of my book in the sunshine
While the stadium filled up
Great background music

Heres the sensible bit
I didnt know the last song
So I left before the most of the other 55,000 people did

This meant I got a cuppa tea on the way to the station
a not jammed packed train back to London
and got home well before Midnight

Genesis yeh still played like precise, flawless as ever
BUT its true they are aging

I have realised for a while now
I do not like looking at AGED shaven headed men (or women for that matter)
Shaved, not bald
Its come to a HEAD tonight
Seeing the on very big screens
I am not gonna go on.... its just an intolerence I have
But I maybe gonna look out for some younger bands
To go and see next

One good things about seeing aging bands
Its all quite sensible... not mad
I was surrounded by 1980's tour T-shirts
I think I have one of these too in a suitcase somewhere
And they were playing some songs over 30 years old
So the average age of the audience must have been
Hmmm let me see.... OLD

ps. on reflection, I also have a problem bearded people
though not so strong TODAY
hairy or no hairy YOU cant win
the problem is in me!!


Meg Moran said...

hee hee...OLD!! like me!!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

i found the U2 vertigo tour dissapointing for the same reason. everybody just seemed so OLD. it was ok as it goes and I'm glad I went, but I would rather go along to gigs with people who do it a lot and are more clued up as to what are the good ones. I was never crazy about gigs, so i rely on other enthusiasts to do the research on my behalf. i think the ones in hyde park have a nice vibe i have to say. i loved the who in hyde park on a beutiful summer afternoon. that was cool. wasnt crowded or anything. just seemed very mellow. well im sure you'll figure out what you do like..

Bouncing off the Bottom said...

Are you old enough to remember when Mick Jagger said he couldn't possibly imagine rocking and rolling when he reached the great age of forty! Or is it only I that am that old! Nice post. It did make me smile.

Oh and the website of The WIldlife Center of Virginia is You asked for it when I posted Charlie's eagel picture. Sorry to be so sloooooow responding.

Trudging said...

It happens to the best of us

Syd said...

I would rather age than not. The alternative is bad. I know what you mean though about shaved heads. Obviously I like some hair and have a head full of it. Too hot for beards here though.