Saturday, July 07, 2007

Working with others

Thank God for Newcomers
Really showing me
AA's have been with me
I made up my own rules
I had skewed perception
I had selective hearing
I Cant live with AA, dont want to live with out it
I Dont want to do anything, but cant do nothing anymore
I used cafeteria method
I was AM Self will run riot
All stuff I have said myself and heard said to me this week

Am Working hard
at working WITH others
at not being a control freak
at not being manipulated
cutting through the unnecessary
finding the root of the problem

Accepting I am not here to please
I am just carrying a message
I am powerless over other peoples reactions

I am just an AA sponsor
Not the font of all knowledge

Willing to go to any length
Willing to let go
Willing to do whatever you have for me to do God
Show me

Day at a time
Have faith

Thank God for Inventory, Prayer & Meditation
Thank God for Working with Others


Rob said...

I wish I were better with newcommers.

I answered your question about the shoes.

Thanks again.


Meg Moran said...

hi Johno...nice to meet you!!

"cutting through the unnecessary
finding the root of the problem"....oh darn, it's me again!

This was a great list.

Anonymous said...

love reading your blog-

thank you!

visit mine anytime and pass it on if you like-

all the best one day at a time!