Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At One with the Water

Today I stood by the River Thames
for a few minutes
and watched the water
watched the current
listened to the waves on the shore
listened to the water

Focussed on the water
just the water
every other thing noise and movement
seemed to blurr and fade out

Like on a close up photo
the foreground in focus
the rest and behind abit blurry

It was like heightened awareness
sharpening my senses
i could hear the water
thats all
I could smell it
like the seaside
I could see it

just for a little while
I was One with the water
It was a physical thing
Just for a little while

I could feel warmth from the sun
Then I walked to up get some food
And back to work

I love working next to the River Thames
I love sitting watching the sea aswell
I love that I can go from my desk
to the Thames path in less than 5 minutes
and its relatively private at lunch time
surprisingly undisturbed

Am lucky

Prayed again for the ALL the Old Timers today
They are sick friends - like me
flawed - just like me


Syd said...

My connection with the water is strong. I look out my window every day at a beautiful harbor. I can meditate when I am near the water. It runs through me.

Trudging said...

Water can be very healing.

Christine said...

you put things beautifully, thank you for the image

Rhonda said...

I was on the River Thames once.

Meg Moran said...

a spiritual awakening for sure